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Viking Society Publications Online

Exciting news! The Viking Society for Northern Research has made the majority of its publications available online, entirely free of charge, at

Among the highlights now available in this new open-access repository are:

  • A complete run of Saga-Book from 1895-2005. (New editions will be added to the site two years after publication.
  • Most of the Society’s Text Series (including many English translations of texts that are otherwise unavailable).
  • Anthony Faulkes’s standard edition of Snorra Edda. (Professor Faulkes has also added six of his important studies of the Edda –which can be difficult to locate–to the site.)
  • The four excellent facing-page editions that Nelson’s originally published in the sixties: Gunnlaugs saga (ed. Quirk), Heiðreks saga (ed. Tolkien), Völsunga saga (ed. Finch), and Jómsvíkinga saga (ed. Blake). Also the recent (2003) edition of Egils saga by Bjarni Einarsson.
  • The full list is a testament to the variety, depth, and quality of the Viking Society’s publications over the past century. And naturally it seems that its decision to go along the open-access route of dissemination can only be good for the field.

    Please note: many of the files available from are still in copyright, and should not be distributed without the consent of the Society and (where applicable) the author.

    The Viking World

    The Viking World, edited by Stefan Brink with Neil Price, looks like being a very significant contribution to the field. It’s a comprehensive guide to all aspects of Viking-Age history and culture with contributions from many of the field’s leading experts. (Click here for full table of contents.) The publisher’s blurb describes it as follows:

    Filling a gap in the literature for an academically oriented volume on the Viking period, this unique book is a one-stop authoritative introduction to all the latest research in the field.

    Bringing together today’s leading scholars, both established seniors and younger, cutting-edge academics, Stefan Brink, in collaboration with Neil Price, have constructed the first single work to gather innovative research from a spectrum of disciplines (including archaeology, history, philology, comparative religion, numismatics and cultural geography) to create the most comprehensive Viking Age book of its kind ever attempted.

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    Language, Texts, and Gender in the Viking Diaspora

    March 30, 2009toMarch 31, 2009

    The call for papers has gone out for the fourth symposium run under the aegis of the Viking Identities Network, entitled ‘Language, Texts, and Gender in the Viking Diaspora’. It will take place at the University of Leicester on 30-31 March 2009. The full text of the call for papers follows: Read more »