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Peter Foote

Some very sad news: Professor Peter Foote died on Tuesday 29 September. Peter was undoubtedly one of the seminal figures in twentieth-century medieval Scandinavian studies. Perhaps best known to a wide readership for The Viking Achievement, which he wrote with David Wilson, Peter’s contributions to the field were many and varied and continued late into his long life. His editions are masterful, and his critical work full of knowledge, good jugdement, wit and style. He will be missed by his many friends in Iceland and Scandinavia, but particularly so in London, where he was first Professor of Scandinavian Studies at University College London (where he continued to teach now and then until 2006, over twenty years after his retirement)  and a doyen of the Viking Society for Northern Research. Although I only got to know him in the last five years, I shall remember him with great fondness and gratitude for his generosity and sage advice. It is undoubtedly the end of an era.