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The return of Old Norse News

Where does the time go? I certainly hadn’t been planning on taking most of the year off from Old Norse News, but it seems to have happened that way. Thanks to everybody who has continued to send me stuff for the site, and sincere apologies if I’ve missed out some time sensitive material. I naturally have something of a backlog of book announcements to get through, but I’m feeling refreshed and energized after my break and will start catching up fairly quickly.


Old Norse Texts Online

Some time ago I announced our plans to ‘publish a directory of all Old Norse texts available on the Web’. It’s fair to say that this has taken longer to accomplish than I thought it would. But anyway, this list is now available at our new site:

At present, it simply takes the form of an alphabetical list of texts, drawn from the Dictionary of Old Norse Prose, with links to all the online editions and translations that I’ve found of each. At some point in the future, I hope to convert this data into a properly searchable format. It excludes poetry, pretty much all of which is available at the Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages project website.

The list will grow over time; at present I can’t pretend it’s anything like comprehensive, but I hope people will find it useful to have a one-stop central location to help them find the texts and translations they need to consult.

Do let me know what you think … all suggestions gratefully received. And, of course, I’ll be particularly pleased to hear about any online texts that are currently missing from the directory.

The Event Calendar

As part of our quest to give ever-improved functionality to our readers, is pleased to announce the launch of our Old Norse Event Calendar. It’s in the sidebar at the right of the page. When you see a date in red on this calendar, that means there’s an Old Norse or Medieval Scandinavia-related event taking place on that day. Move your mouse over the date to get brief details; click to see full details.

Alternatively, if you move down to ‘categories’ on the sidebar, and click ‘events‘, you’ll be taken to a chronological list of forthcoming conferences, courses, meetings, lectures: everything we hear about.

If you know of a relevant event that’s not yet listed, or would like to publicize something you’re organizing yourself, please get in touch.

Welcome to Old Norse News!

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